Phototherapy and Photosynergy workshops for your organization

Experiential unique workshops and lectures – your opportunity to observe your organization through the phone lens and examine what you choose to include in the “frame” and what not.
Get to know yourself and your co-workers in different resolutions.


What do photos say about us and how they are relevant to organizational culture?

Phototherapy combines the visual world with the emotional expression world.

Combination of phototherapy techniques with organizational content has created a new term 

called Photosynergy.


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Our workshops

  • Customer service during COVID19

    Managing and delivering customer service during COVID-19.

    Using photos to understand the costumer point of view and knowing how to create a connection in a customized way.

  • Personal development

    Handling uncertainty, loneliness and encouraging personal growth

    for employees teams and management teams. We use the virtual space as an emotional safe place that can encourage sharing, open communication and emotional expression.   

  • Dedicated workshop for global team

    Communicating efficiently with your team members overseas, was never easy. Now that we can't fly anywhere it's almost impossible. We use phototherapy techniques

    To zoom in on the interpretation of each team member, And develop awareness for it. Awareness is the most important step towards improving the communication between team members.

  • Bonding “team spirit” workshop

    Fun and creative workshop with bonding experience. Using childhood or past photos to broaden the back story of the team members so we can understand each other better. We combine the old photos with new ones we take during the workshop, for creating moving images. Past and present blended together.

  • Lecture on the field of phototherapy and photography for personal and mental well-being

    On the use of photography as a tool for emotional expression and personal empowerment. An exciting lecture that also includes a personal story about emotional development and growth.

  • Workshop for defining an annual vision / year summary

    We are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to extract the vision from the imagination of our employees and managers. Photography allows us an innovative creative way that is fun and accessible to anyone, of any age, culture or language.

Dana Biran 

Founded Sheleg workshops in 2011.

My personal purpose is to introduce people to this fascinating field and help them to find their strengths in teams and organizations.

In my past, I have led employees and clients in various organizations.

I’m a graduate of Phototherapy studies in Musrara, Jerusalem and Group Facilitation studies of the open university. 

Working with all kinds of organizations and companies, and have the most professional 

team of facilitators for various projects in English or Hebrew.

Head of the phototherapy program of Tel-Hai college. 


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